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Cooperative Practice Space

Wise Counsel & Comfort is the realization of a two-fold goal.

First, to create a place where community-minded mental health and wellness professionals would work cooperatively, supporting one another and supporting our community by providing professional, affordable services. In Portland, even non-profit counseling agencies rarely charge less than $40 per session, and there are thousands in our community who deserve services as much as those who are financially stable and/or insured. Wise Counsel & Comfort exists to help insure that those services are available.

Second, to inspire and support professionals to step into private practice without fear, without unbearable financial burdens, in lovely, professional space in which they and their clients can feel safe and comfortable. We're also able to support practitioners new to the Portland metro area in getting their practice here off to a good start.

We opened in September 2000 and since that time, have supported more than 110 clinicians to begin and build successful private practices, and assisted others with a temporary or second office location.

There are three 'tiers' of rent. Standard rent requires only that you offer sliding scale fees, but requires no commitment to a particular fee range. Discounted rent is offered to those counselors willing to reserve half of their sublet hours for clients paying less than $40 per session. These two rent categories are detailed below.

For those willing to cap their fee schedule at $40 -- a great strategy for beginning private practice -- a "Nearly-Non-Profit" rent is available. Please call us for details about current availability of this option.

Location & Space Details

Wise Counsel & Comfort has eight locations inside the city limits of Portland, and four more locations in outlying areas -- Beaverton, Lake Oswego and Gresham, Oregon and in downtown Vancouver, Washington, with thirty-five offices in all.

Our downtown Portland location is at 37 SW Jefferson, near the west end of the Hawthorne bridge, just steps from Waterfront Park on the Willamette river. There are three offices at this location, seating four to eight, a comfortable reception area for clients, and a restroom down the hall.

The downtown office is fully accessible, and, being on street level, the reception area and one office benefit from south-facing windows filled with lovely stained glass, providing privacy but welcoming the light. Tri-Met bus stop and a parking structure ($1.50 per hour) are both right outside our front door.

Our NW office is at 2037 NW Lovejoy in Portland's "Pearl" district, just two blocks from Good Samaritan Hospital. We have three offices, each seating 4-5, in a lovely, late 1800's white colonial building on the ground floor. Portland's streetcar line runs immediately in front of our office, and the Tri-Met stop (and Starbucks!) are just one block to the west.

In North East Portland, we practice out of three locations.

The "Glisan" offices (fully accessible) are at NE 60th & Glisan near Providence Portland Medical Center. We occupy a 2000 square foot suite at this location. There are two front doors, one at 5932 NE Glisan (Entrance "A") and the second at 423 NE 60th (Entrance "B").There are eleven comfortably furnished offices here, seating three to twelve, two spacious reception areas and two restrooms.

One of the larger offices here is suitable for massage and energy practice. Five of the offices have leather recliners, and all include accessories that support our therapeutic effectiveness -- pens, kleenex, white boards, etc.

The reception areas offer magazines, soft music, water and a variety of teas for you and your clients. Ample space for display of business cards, brochures and flyers about upcoming events is provided.

The 5932 NE Glisan office is fully accessible, it is just steps from Tri-Met (bus) and MAX (light-rail) stops, and for those driving, we are just three blocks from the entrance and exit for Interstate 84. On-street parking is easily available, and we're delighted to be next door to the "Seven Virtues" coffee shop.

Our "Fremont Storefront" location at 1305 NE Fremont, is fully accessible, in an early 1900's storefront in a quiet yet lively neighborhood about a mile and a half Northeast of downtown Portland. Two bus lines converge within one block of the office, and there is ample free on-street parking. We're surrounded by conveniences and pleasures - a public park, child care center, restaurants, library, natural foods grocery and Starbucks.

The suite includes reception area, restroom and four
beautifully furnished offices seating three to nine -- one is a multi-purpose room, supporting massage, energy practice, reiki, etc. The reception area has magazines, music, cold water, hot tea of every variety and growing plants.

The third NE location, 4605 NE Fremont, Suite 209, is upstairs in the "Fremont Commons" complex, an environmentally sound "green" building in the Alameda/Beaumont neighborhood. We're on the second story, above a wide variety of shops and restaurants (the elevator is just steps away). Parking and public transportation are close and easy. At the Fremont Commons location, we have two offices, each with a small desk for easy charting. The first has a large window on the courtyard and is designed for individual sessions. The second is about 12 x 15, and seats eight.

We have two offices in SE Portland. At the first, 3703 SE 39th Avenue, we share space with mind-body practitioners at "East West Acupuncture." Our office seats seven, is fully accessible, comfortable and bright, with wall to wall windows on the north and west sides. The second SE Portland office is at 3430 SE Belmont, just upstairs from a neighborhood gathering place, the "Tao of Tea." This office is on the second floor, seats six comfortably, and has an overhead skylight.

In North Portland, we have a lovely office just off Interstate Avenue in the growing Kenton neighborhood. Our office opens to the sidewalk, and we enjoy commercial neighbors including a cafe, art gallery and chiropratic clinic. This office seats four to seven.

In Beaverton, we have a large, first-floor corner
office on SW Griffith Drive, just off the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and Interstate 217. With large windows to the west and south, the office seats five to eight and has a spacious reception area. There is ample on-site free parking for clinicians and their clients.

Our east Multnomah county office is in the heart of old-downtown Gresham, where we share space with Gresham Family Law. The office seats eight, is furnished in keeping with the 1924 architecture, and we have the added benefit of free parking and security.

In downtown Vancouver, our counselors practice on the main floor of a beautiful old three-story home with a wrap-around porch. This suite has four furnished offices, seating 3 to 10, one of which is a multi-purpose space for therapy or bodywork. On-site free parking available.

Our newest location is in the Westlake Village neighborhood of Lake Oswego. About 1/4 mile off of the Kruse Way exit from Interstate 5, we share three lovely, ADA accessible offices at this location, seating 4 to 6.

We occupy the center of the main floor and our neighbors on one side are a group of massage professionals, and on the other, a chiropractic office, both of which have occasion to refer patients to our colleagues.

Each office at the Lake Oswego location benefits from natural light, with large windows opening to a beautiful grove of trees.

Neighboring businesses include a yoga studio, salon, Pizza Schmizza, and coffee shop. Parking is abundant and free at this location. The comment we hear most often from visitors to any of the Wise Counsel offices is "It feels so good in here!"

Virtually everything you need to begin and grow your private practice (other than your professional files) are provided for you at Wise Counsel & Comfort.

Marketing & Practice Building

Cooperative marketing is a benefit of practicing in the Wise Counsel & Comfort community. Fifteen dollars per month from each colleague's rent is devoted to supporting the marketing efforts.

We have three websites. Our primary site, Portland-Therapist.com receives an average of 8000 hits daily, with more than 175 distinct visits each day, and is a proven and consistent path for clients to find us. We have a specialized site, featuring those clinicians who are trained and specialize in working with couples. Portland-CouplesCounseling.com. We also have a 'sister' website, Vancouver-Therapist.com featuring the clinicians at the Vancouver, Washington location. Your photograph, telephone, email address, and a more comprehensive description of services can be added to the "Meet the Therapists" section of one or more of the websites requiring only a $50 initial set-up fee per site to begin .

Your name, credentials and contact information are included in our monthly publication of the "Professional Directory." The brochure is available at each location, and can be broadly distributed as part of your marketing effort.

New colleagues at Wise Counsel are provided with complementary design and printing of your first 200 business cards, and assistance is available for design of flyers for groups or special events. Colleagues regularly have the opportunity to participate in special marketing and community networking efforts.

We are co-sponsors of International Women's Day at Portland State University each February, and of the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) "Walk for the Mind of America" in May. We participate in community events, staffing tables providing information on the services available at Wise Counsel & Comfort. Seasonally, we seek opportunities to purchase ad space in other high-profile environments - health clubs, concerts, etc.

Colleagues are welcome to schedule pro-bono sessions or no-fee initial consultations during open hours without any additional fee or rent, and our largest offices are available to you at NO cost if you offer community/educational events for which you charge no fee. This is an excellent marketing strategy. If you have a specialty about which folks are sure to be curious (EMDR? DBT? What's that?), just reserve the room, post a flyer, send a press release to the local media, and you're on your way.

Training & Support

Because the task of beginning and building a successful private practice is a demanding one, and the process can be isolating, Wise Counsel & Comfort offers regular opportunities for clinicians to support and learn from one another. We enjoy monthly social & networking opportunities, and partner with several non-profit agencies in Portland. Monthly peer consultation/training groups, facilitated by seasoned mental health professionals, are available for Wise Counsel colleagues at no cost, and professional trainings are offered several times each year, for which continuing education units may be available -- again, at no cost to the colleagues in practice at Wise Counsel & Comfort. CEUs are often available through our association with the Oregon Counseling Association and the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC).

Mentoring & Supervision

Many of the seasoned clinicians at Wise Counsel & Comfort are glad to provide informal mentoring, answer questions and help those new to private practice jump through the necessary hoops (forms, HPPA, guidance on setting fee structures, etc.). We're also grateful to have these credentialed supervisors practicing at Wise Counsel who can establish formal supervisory relationships with new counselors to make the process of moving toward licensure more convenient and affordable.

Janet Janet Martin, L.P.C. ~ Supervision for LPC Interns ~ 503-890-2795

My supervision style is developmental ~ building on your level of experience and confidence. I am trained in object-relations, EMDR, therapies derived from the work of Milton Erickson and Carl Jung. In session, you will find me to be empowering, supportive and non-judgmental. I am interested in helping supervisees develop and refine their theory of change, and address ethical practice both in session, and addressing technology issues. My fee for individual supervision is $70 per session, discounted to $50 per session for Wise Counsel and Comfort colleagues.

Paul Paul M Rakoczy, LCSW, CADC III ~ Supervision for LCSW / LPC Interns ~ 503-997-8611

My supervision style is person-centered. In the words of Carl Rogers, "My major goal is to help the therapist to grow in self-confidence and to grow in understanding of him or herself, and to grow in understanding the therapeutic process." The entire process is supervisee driven but includes at least these aspects; ethics and legal considerations, teaching, role plays, conceptualization, review of supervisee’s work (video or audio tapes), evaluation, client self-determination, supervisee self-evaluation, and a summary/review of the licensure supervision course of action. My fee for individual supervision is $60 per session, discounted to $40 per session for Wise Counsel and Comfort colleagues.

David David Gantz, LCSW, CADC III ~ Clinical Supervisor (LCSW/LPC Interns) ~ 503-432-3268

I have training and experience in individual, group and couples counseling, and have seen clients ranging from early adolescent years to elder adulthood. I approach clinical supervision from a developmental model integrated with a systemic awareness. Areas that receive attention in supervision include the supervisee’s professional behaviors, counseling skills, personal awareness, conceptualization of their clients’ cases, and systemic issues contributing to the efficacy of the counseling experience. My role varies depending of the needs of the supervisee and may include teacher, evaluator, consultant, and counselor. My fees are open to negotiation depending on ability to pay as well as supervisee's fee schedule.

Marc Marc Hess, L.C.S.W. ~ Clinical Supervision for Social Work & Counseling Interns ~ 503-313-4077

Clinical supervision is a collaborative process designed to help the supervisee become an effective independent clinician. Effectiveness is measured in three domains: self and other awareness, motivation, and autonomy. My goal in working with you is to help you move forward in your quest to: become a life long learner in competency development; to be able to simultaneously be aware of your client, yourself, and the reciprocal impact on each other in the counseling relationship; to become an autonomous worker, who is able to seek and utilize consultation effectively; and to become able to be intentional in delivering your work in the context of a clear theoretical orientation. My approach to supervision is informal, but rigorous. My fees are $120-$70 per hour depending on income. I am willing to offer lower fees to Wise Counsel and Comfort colleagues, or for group supervision.

Earlyn Earlyn Smith, L.P.C. ~ Clinical Supervision for LPC Interns ~ 503-961-4535

I have been licensed in Oregon, and practicing since 1991. I've provided clinical supervision for interns over a number of years in several settings. My goals in supervision are to provide clear direction in matters of ethical practice, and to support and encourage supervisees in developing their own style and approach, using their strengths and unique gifts. My work with supervisees -- just as with my clients -- is strength-based, using cognitive-behavioral, lifespan development, and systems theories, with emphasis on developing strong relationships with clients to support their work. Just as with clients, the relationship between supervisor and supervisee needs to be marked with respect and trust, so I'm happy to set a time to sit down and discuss the options with you. Please give me a call at 503-961-4535.

Laura Laura Gonce, L.C.S.W. ~ Clinical Supervision / Social Work & Counseling ~ 503-704-3064

I am a licensed clinical social worker, practicing since 1993. My supervision style incorporates both the perspective of a social worker which tends to be one of “person in environment” and to emphasize social, political and other practical aspects of providing treatment and consultation RE: clients. However, I also have a strong background of training in family systems and psychodynamic theories. Therefore I do emphasize self reflection, on the part of the practitioner to examine their own inner responses to clients and their situations. I am able to offer advice, but believe the process should primarily be dialectical, i.e. exploring and questioning together. I do like to cover practical aspects of supervision in a written contract to insure times, costs, and professional expectations are clear to both myself and my supervisee.

Rents & Policies

Colleagues at Wise Counsel & Comfort reserve their regular clinic hours at one location, and are privileged to schedule additional hours as needed and available at a cost of $10 per hour. Requests for additional hours are made 2-3 days in advance.

The initial term for sublet at Wise Counsel is ten months, and can continue month-to-month following the initial term. Payment required to initiate the lease include first month's rent, $50 per-site web set-up fee, and $100 key/damage deposit which is entirely refundable. We're glad to negotiate 'payment plans' over the first few months if it would be tough for you to come up with the entire up-front costs -- we're here to help you make it work!

Discounted Rent

(Requires that half of rented hours be reserved for clients paying less than $40 per session.)

$155 for 5 hours per week ($6.46 per hour) includes $15/mo marketing contribution

$215 for 10 hours per week ($4.60 per hour) includes $15/mo marketing contribution

$265 for 15 hours per week ($3.85 per hour) includes $15/mo marketing contribution

$305 for 20 hours per week ($3.35 per hour) includes $15/mo marketing contribution

Standard Rent

Requires only that sliding scale options be available.

$200 for 5 hours per week ($8.53 per hour) includes $15/mo marketing contribution:

$335 for 10 hours per week ($7.38 per hour) includes $15/mo marketing contribution:

$415 for 15 hours per week ($6.15 per hour) includes $15/mo marketing contribution:

$490 for 20 hours per week ($5.50 per hour) includes $15/mo marketing contribution:

Weeknight evenings require a minimum 3 hour time slot, 6-9 pm or 7-10 pm

Hours rented for workshop or group therapy will be by arrangement only, and will be subject to a modest additional fee.


Note: The "Discounted" rent scale detailed below, for our Lake Oswego and Beaverton offices, is slightly higher than at other locations cue to increased overhead costs. As always, these rates include a $15 per month contribution to marketing efforts.

$170 for 5 hours per week ($7.15 per hour)
$280 for 10 hours per week ($6.10 per hour)
$355 for 15 hours per week ($5.25 per hour)
$405 for 20 hours per week ($4.50 per hour)

Wise Counsel & Comfort is NOT a group practice; This protects us from exposure to liability for one another's professional practice. All those in practice at Wise Counsel & Comfort agree in writing to practice according to the highest ethical standards of their profession.

Pre-licensed clinicians who join the Wise Counsel & Comfort community must be registered interns with their respective professional boards, or have a clear plan to register on or before January 1, 2011. Documentation of plans for internship and supervision will be required at the outset of the counselors time with Wise Counsel. This policy is based on new Oregon law which prohibits anyone from practicing as a counselor or therapist without licensure or formal registered intern status. In addition, pre-licensed counselors will attend four peer consultation groups annually (no fee) during their affiliation with Wise Counsel & Comfort.

With regard to property liability ("slip & fall") every practitioner will either:

(1) release Wise Counsel & Comfort, and the building owners in writing for any liability for any injury your client might experience while they are in our offices,


(2) provide a property liability policy naming Wise Counsel & Comfort, Lynne Nesbit, and the building owners as co-insured.

We have never had an episode where anyone experienced accidental injury our offices, and feel that the liability risk is very, very small. This is why option #1 is available to you. However, you are welcome to choose option #2. Property liability insurance policies are available through professional associations (American Counseling Association, etc.) at modest rates above the cost of your professional liability insurance premiums. Please note that you must co-insure the building owners, as well as Wise Counsel & Comfort.

For more information, about becoming a part of the Wise Counsel community, or about current availability, please call Courtney Woodward at 971-219-9251, drop us a line (email) or drive by, peek in the front windows and take a brochure. We look forward to hearing from you.

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