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Fees & Insurance

While fees to see a therapist in our community often average $70 to $150 per hour, good relationship therapy is available in our community for substantially less than that. The professionals here at Wise Counsel & Comfort all welcome your questions about finances, and will do their best to work with you to discount their fees, or refer you to other qualified professionals whose fee scales are within your means.

If you have insurance benefits, be aware that in order to have the insurance company pay for your treatment, your therapist will be required to present a “diagnostic code” of some mental health or adjustment disorder such as depression or anxiety as the medical justification for authorization for treatment. If you prefer not to have this sort of diagnosis established as part of your record, talk with your counselor about the options of paying for the therapy yourself. All of the counselors here at Wise Counsel & Comfort offer sliding scale fees for those paying out of pocket.

If you are insured, you’ll want to call the company or visit their website to explore the limit of benefits for couples therapy, and the list of providers they will allow you to choose from. Ask whether a co-pay is required, and how much it is. Be sure, when you speak with the insurer, that you ask all of your questions; you don’t want to begin therapy and then find out a month or two later that the services will not be paid for. If your insurance is paying for your therapy, the therapist will communicate directly with the insurance company about you, your needs, payment for services, and the progress of treatment.


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